Jag 3d sex comics: Patty and Shane with monsters

jag 27 3d alien porn comic
I have found these 3D sex comics while checking out my archives…
Patty and Shane may have been saved by the Cherubim from at deadly fate inside the porn van, but the battle isn’t over yet, and now the two of them find themselves alone again and desperate to escape from their Graydeaux home… but things aren’t going to be easy. The car won’t start and then some weird lizard freaks on giant fleas show up who debate whether to eat them or fuck them. Could it get any more disturbing? Well sure it can! Shane’s dick continues to swell and it’s not the only thing getting bigger. And there’s an awesome animation link so don’t miss this one. If you like rapid body expansion stuff, you’ll love the short clip that goes along with this episode. And meanwhile, the ladies at the diner are fighting for their lives against the monstrosity that came out of Jenny. More Halloween holiday horror mayhem. Enjoy!

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